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MiC GO - The Kit-of-Parts Approach
Flexible Layout with Core MiC Units

In contrast to the prevailing Modular Integrated Construction (MiC), where all fittings and prefinished material are housed within an envelope, the project adopts the Kit-of-Parts approach in three tiers, the MiC components, volumetric roof and facades (DfMA) and planar pre-fabricated infill panels (DfMA).

The MiC units contain a single function of the toilet, i.e. water closets, urinal, vanity counter, etc. These core components are pre-installed with sanitary fitments, related building services and prefinished floor, wall and ceiling finishes. This set of MiC units are standardized construction which is universal to toilets of different size and at different sites. Apart from having the capability of space making as demonstrated with the analogy of “Go Game”, the breaking down of self-contained envelope into functional components provides flexibility of toilet layout that fits different shapes of the site.

The components of the volumetric roof and facades (DfMA) also comes with pre-installed building services and prefinished shell. These volumes can be perceived as tables with aprons sitting on or spanning across MiC units.  This volumetric construction can take up different shapes to fit with site geometry but they assume the same system of construction. The portal frame with vent shaft on one side and folded plane façade marking the entrance of toilets is the signature component of the set.

The planar pre-fabricated panels are infill panels between the MiC components at low level. These includes the pre-cast slabs, unitized louvre facade panels and canopies between toilets.

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