Possible combinations for 2 base modules and their mirror-modules
Scratching Couch Set for Cats

The couch set comprises three base modules and their mirror modules. Two symmetric modules joined the set as linear extenders. The idea is to develop group seating which can adopt different configurations to fit into their accommodating space. While the modules can form simple 2-seaters with their mirror-modules, they can also be extended infinitely in four directions to develop a tiled field.


The geometry builds on the concept of 3d tiling. While the plan view is a standard rectangular shape for all modules, the 4 elevations of each module are bounded by 4 sets of defining curves out of the 8 sets in total, which allows each side to match with one another.


The scratching couch set is made with carton paper to encourage the scratching of cats. It is in fact a mini version of the original set developed for the reading areas in a library.

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