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Wet Market Revisit

Recapturing the Ambience of Street Market

The market study aims at recapturing the amibience of “Street Market” with allowance for tenants’ input for stall identity and to provide varieties.


Human Centric Design

Convenient seating is populated at intervals throughout the market as the resting place for the shoppers. The parapet design integrates with countertops for temporary placement of heavy groceries and standing areas are allowed for socializing.

The internal staircase integrates a food studio for cooking demonstration and food tasting; a recessed corner seating for the elderly and stool seating stations with counter top on upper floor around the void as gathering space overlooking the market floors.

The Main Atrium serves as the communal living room of the market for social gathering. Convertible furniture is proposed to cater for different setting for events.  Dropped seating is provided around the atrium void to serve as spectator stand for events and resting space for shoppers to enjoy sunlight and the beautiful tree view outside. Place making area is also extended to Food Hall with loose furniture in mid zone, which can be cleared for events such as Fashion Show.

Interior Design Integrates Wayfinding System

The island stalls are anchored with portal frames to house light trough and zone graphics.  Each peripheral stall is attached with a baffle canopy to give the stall identity and to define the primary passageway.  Accent colours correspond to the zone are applied to the edge of the baffle panel to reinforce the wayfinding system. Folded baffle ceiling is adopted in entrance areas and secondary passageway to guide the shoppers through. Angles of folded plane can be adjusted to fit the placement of wayfinding system.