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[Old & New] Facade Design Competition
Expansion of Hong Kong Science Museum & Hong Kong Museum of History

The current complex of HKScM and HKMH was established in 1991 and 1998 respectively in the current site. HKScM bears a simple rectangular form with façade expressing the structural frame while HKMH comprises different building volumes with unique curved roof and building forms. Annexes 1 and 2A of the new expansion are right at the corner junctions of the two museums. The façade design aims at making use of the 2 annexes to unify the facades of the two museums while maintaining their own identity.


In the search of history of the mankind and the discovery of nature and universe, both disciplines involves the search of truth. Historians and scientists have been trying to make assumptions and developing researches to proof and verify the assumptions made. During the process, it is not uncommon that they may get distracted by “distorted truth”.


In this façade design, we would like to borrow the technique of visual distortion to align the simplicity of HKScM and the complexity of HKMH, and to deduce the resultant façade language for the new annexes.



Location: The Hong Kong Science Museum & Hong Kong Museum of History

Promoters: Architectural Services Department &  Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Design Year: 2021

Status: Facade Design Competition

Programme: Museum

PLY Team: Lucia Cheung, So Kwok Kin, Timothy Lam & Marco Tse 

Image Credits: PLY Union Ltd.

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