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Redevelopment of Art Museum Annex, CUHK

The new Annex is intended to provide an iconic addition to the Art Museum for the purposes of teaching, research and exhibition.  With the redevelopment of the annex building, the museum aims to revisit the connectivity of the existing museum complex.  It is also part of the campus master plan to improve connections across the campus to develop a pedestrian friendly campus.  The dual use of the teaching laboratories as gallery spaces is also a challenge to the floor layout of the project.  Strategic introduction of natural light at circulation, inter-floor connection and break-out area have been explored to cater the need for a pleasant environment for classroom usage, while provides a break-out area as a relief for museum fatigue.

The existing site is covered up with trees and a unique retaining wall feature is also identified.  The disposition of the building mass make an attempt to minimize site excavation and to preserve the existing retaining wall to cut down the site formation work.



Location: The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Client: The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Design Year: 2019

Status: Tender Scheme

Programme: Teaching Laboratories/ Galleries/ Cafe/ Artist Studio

PLY Team: Lucia Cheung, Raymond Chan, So Kwok Kin, Match Chan, Samantha Tam, Fondie Choi & Wallace Lai 

Image Credits: PLY Union Ltd.

Award:  2020 International Architecture Award, The Chicago Athenaeum

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