Redevelopment of Art Museum Annex, CUHK

The main bulk of the museum annex is a 3-storey extrusion box with a cut-out to embrace the 4 nos. of existing trees along the retaining wall to form an open-sided courtyard. A short link is allowed for at the northeast corner to make a modest connection to the two exhibition floors of the East Wing of the Art Museum at its recessed corner to minimize the alteration and disturbance to the façade of the existing museum.

The lower floors of the annex house the workshop and main entrance lobby cum exhibition area. The 1/F is the connection floor which links the future teaching building to the west and the East Wing, and the potential link to Lady Shaw Building for barrier free access to the University Mall via its existing link bridge. This public floor opens to the tree courtyard with café and artist studio flanking the other two sides of the courtyard.


A stepped theatre teaching lab. is introduced next to the tree court on this public floor to bring people up to the gallery floors above. An inter-floor connection staircase which integrates with break-out areas is located next to the tree court to shield off the natural light to gallery.


The two floors of teaching laboratory take the box-in-box approach with slot windows hinting the circulation, which bring in indirect natural light and can be easily shielded by blackout blinds for gallery use.  The corridors can be made disappeared with the removable partitions at concealed parking position to form uninterrupted exhibition space.


Location: The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Client: The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Design Year: 2019

Status: -

Programme: Teaching Laboratories/ Galleries/ Cafe/ Artist Studio

PLY Team: Lucia Cheung, Raymond Chan, So Kwok Kin, Match Chan, Samantha Tam, Fondie Choi & Wallace Lai 

Image Credits: PLY Union Ltd.

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