Office Tower Development at
Hong Kong International Airport

The scheme groups the public domains towards the highway side and leaves the majority of the office space facing the MTR viaduct to enjoy a relatively more open view. The public wing on the highway side can accommodate access to outdoor green pocket balconies, and allow views to the airport.


A central atrium is arranged right outside the lift lobby to anchor the Café Collab and the Meeting Suite on either side. The three Cafe Collab spaces stack up vertically with the one on 6/F shifted sideways to create terrace setting. The meeting room clusters extend the gesture of façade boxes as projected volumes at atrium, coupled with the balconies of the Café Collab, form a matrix of overlooking platforms which promotes encounter and encourages interaction.


The arrangement of enclosed offices at inner ring around the core and open plan office on peripheral zone maximizes the access to natural light for majority of the staff. Enclosed offices are placed in clusters to support proximity of leaders to each other.


Support settings such as open collaboration, quiet rooms, focus areas, pantry and print points are evenly distributed in team neighbourhood, which enables quick easy and equitable access for all staff to support their different tasks and preferences.




Location: Hong Kong International Airport

Client: Hong Kong Airport Authority

Design Year: 2019

Status: Design & Build Proposal

Programme: Office

PLY Team: Lucia Cheung, Raymond Chan, So Kwok Kin, Ernest Ho, Match Chan, Samantha Tam, Hilda Kwok, Maria Chan & Tam Chung Sing


Image Credits: PLY Union Ltd. 

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