Terra Centre, Kunming Yunnan, China
- Earth Building Research & Development Centre


Location: Kunming, Yunnan, China

Client: Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability of The Chinsese University of Hong Kong and Faculty of Architecture and City Planning of Kunming University of Science and Technology

Design Year: 2017

Status: Completed in 2020

Programme: Teaching Facilities/ Laboratories/ Exhibition/ Studio & Workshop

Project Team:

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK),

Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST); &

Atelier [tŭmù] Earth & Wood Construction Design + Workshop (TUMU)

PLY Union Ltd. (PLY)

Architects: Edward Ng (CUHK) , Li Wan (CUHK) , Lucia Cheung (PLY), and Xinan Chi (CUHK)

Structural Engineer: Wenfeng Bai (KUST)

Earth Construction Consultant: Marc Auzet (TUMU) and Juliette Goudy(TUMU)

Resident Architects: Fang Tian (CUHK/KUST), Xiaoxue Liu (CUHK), Lai Zhou (CUHK)

Landscape Architect: Shan Dai (CUHK)

Roof Bamboo Structure: Changzhuan Shao (CUHK)

Construction Team: Mr. Qingguang Yang's Team from Guangming Village, Yunnan, China and Mr. Changfu Yang's Team from Huili County, Sichuan, China

Image Credits: CUHK & PLY Union Ltd.