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Terra Centre, Kunming Yunnan, China
- Earth Building Research & Development Centre


Location: Kunming, Yunnan, China

Client: Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability of The Chinsese University of Hong Kong and Faculty of Architecture and City Planning of Kunming University of Science and Technology

Design Year: 2017

Status: Completed in 2019

Programme: Teaching Facilities/ Laboratories/ Exhibition/ Studio & Workshop

Project Team:

One University One Village, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK),

Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST); &

Atelier [tŭmù] Earth & Wood Construction Design + Workshop (TUMU)

PLY Union Ltd. (PLY)

Architects: Edward Ng (CUHK) , Li Wan (CUHK) , Lucia Cheung (PLY), and Xinan Chi (CUHK)

Structural Engineer: Wenfeng Bai (KUST)

Earth Construction Consultant: Marc Auzet (TUMU) and Juliette Goudy(TUMU)

Resident Architects: Fang Tian (CUHK/KUST), Xiaoxue Liu (CUHK), Lai Zhou (CUHK)

Landscape Architect: Shan Dai (CUHK)

Roof Bamboo Structure: Changzhuan Shao (CUHK)

Construction Team: Mr. Qingguang Yang's Team from Guangming Village, Yunnan, China and Mr. Changfu Yang's Team from Huili County, Sichuan, China


HKIA Award 2021- HKIA Merit Award outside Hong Kong - Institutional Building

HKIA Award 2021- Special Architectural Award- Humanity & Social Inclusion

Green Building Award 2021- New Building Category/ Completed Projects/ Institutional- Finalist and Special Citation on UN Sustainable Development Goals

Winner in the "Public Cultural Equipment" category at TERRAFIBRA Award 2021

Silver Award at the DFA Design for Asia Awards 2021

Image Credits: Ce Wang, CUHK & PLY Union Ltd.

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