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Yeoui-Naru Ferry Terminal, Seoul, Korea
International Competition

The spatial idea borrows the concept of a Klein bottle space.  Its ambiguity of inside and outside space naturally segregates the public access route to roof observatory deck from the ferry boarding passengers and yet allowing the public to pass by the terminal to have a glimpse of the terminal activities. The looped space not only enhances the circulation arrangement of the terminal but also allows a 360 degree of views to both the river and waterfront as users move along the building.


The paramount concern of the envelope of building by the waterfront is to allow the enjoyment of sea breeze and views but yet to reduce the glare reflected from the water. The pleated façade gives an opportunity to address the glare issue by tilting down the glazed planes and having the tilt-up panels opaque to provide shading. The pleats response to the tilting up of the roof in elevation like an accordion. It also resembles the ancient Chinese lantern which glows by the riverside to form a landmark by the Citizen’s Park.



Location: Seoul, Korea

Client: Seoul Metropolitan Government

Design Year: 2017

Status: Competition

Programme: Ferry Terminal

PLY Team: Lucia Cheung, Samantha Tam, Jai Yip, Fondie Choi, Alex Yu in collaboration with Prof. Joonsuk Ahn

Image Credits: PLY Union Ltd.

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