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Baitasi Remade-
Reinventing Beijing Courtyards
Site C2

Unlike other chosen sites for this competition, this elongated site is primarily a passage way connecting the hutongs penetrating the courtyard house clusters on the east and west sides of the site.  The design reinforced this assumed function by creating a direct short-cut penetrating the whole site. Programmed space seems to be bisected by the passage on ground level but in fact inter-connected via the attic space internally.


The design explores the co-existence of public and private domains within a courtyard site. All ground floor spaces can be open up along the passage for events and exhibition while the public domains are isolated on top of the most public areas. Boundaries between the indoor and outdoor are thus blurred.  Different sections are created along the passage composing an interesting streetscape.



Location: Beijing, China

Client: International Design Competition- Baitasi 2016

Design Year: 2016

Status: Competition

Programme: Office, Exhibition & Accommodation

PLY Team: Lucia Cheung, Fondie Choi, Alex Yu

Image Credits: PLY Union Ltd.

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