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Baitasi Remade-
Reinventing Beijing Courtyards
Site B4

Black Mass

A humble building yet with distinct identity.

From the exterior, it is a heavy mass.

From the aerial perspective, a set of undulating roofs.  It flows and floats.  Expressive yet in a restraint way.

Inside, a cluster of detached rooms, individually enclosed and placed to resemble a quadrangle setting.

It is a project about connection & interaction.

Internal courtyard, internal gardens, internal paths, internal views.

The voids link spaces upward and crosswise.

When meandering in the house,

Outside in, inside out, within a walled premise.

Between the walls are pockets of green.  Green is the window to the outside.  An insert, a filter, a buffer.  It quietly separates and connects at the same time. 

Materials are chosen in the light of leaving traces of time. 

Marks on the charred wood; marks on the blackened steel.  When they age, they age beautifully. 

By then, the building blends in with the rich surrounding courtyard houses fabric in the utmost effortless way.



Location: Beijing, China

Client: International Design Competition- Baitasi 2016

Design Year: 2016

Status: Competition

Programme: Residential & Office

PLY Team: Raymond Chan, Wallace Lai, Marco Tse, Alex Yu 

Image Credits: PLY Union Ltd.

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