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Clubhouse at Castle One

The clubhouse takes inspiration from the iconic 1920s antique gate of the owner’s collection, reimagining what an Art Deco stately home might be. It is modern and retro, classy yet relaxing, and functional and enjoyable.

Thematic elements come with layering, progression, transition and focus. The iconic gate turned a relief art in the seating area where it like a den. Reception desk merges with the library. Letterboxes is being integrated in a secret chamber in front of the lifts. The lounge serves as the pre-function area for parties and a place to chill out for the swimming pool. Integrating a communal kitchen, a living room and two terraces in the party room make it a multifunctional venue where a bigger crowd can be entertained. The rock garden and the courtyard add a soothing landscape to the establishment.

The overall is one of serenity and drama, achieved by clean lines and high contrast in the decoration. It’s like making a film noir! Different monochromatic shades is created through the use of patterns and textures, paying homage to the geometrical motifs of the Art Deco: herringbone mosaic in mother of pearl and marble, stone parquet, wall panels in ebony-toned fluted wood, handcrafted resin sunburst artwork, ink brush graffiti wall fabrics and glass tops, stripes in the upholstery, laser-cut veneer on the ceiling and white step frames for shadows.



Location: Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

Client: The V Group

Design Year: 2016

Status: Completed in 2017

Programme: Residential Clubhouse

PLY Team: Raymond Chan, Thyne Kong, Match Chan, Fondie Choi, Wallace Lai, Alex Yu, Joe Chan

Fitting-out Contractor: Ping Kee Construction (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd.

Image Credits: Office for Documentation of Built Environments & Clapper Production

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