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Residential Development at Penha Hill, Macau

Occupying a prime site at street corner of the historical area at Penha Hill, Macau, the residential development has a very long street frontage abutting two narrow streets on sloping ground with corner at its lowest level. We are invited to work on the façade on top of the building scheme by the local architect. The scheme has already got planning and building plan approval by the local authorities and alteration to massing is not recommended. Our design aims at breaking down the monotony of the long façade frontage by introducing different fenestration zones. Perforated patterns were developed at the air conditioning unit platforms for air exchange and incorporation of façade lighting to achieve lantern effect.


The scope also involves the design of the public areas for drop-off, entrance lobby and clubhouse areas.


Location: Penha Hill, Macau

Client: Ho Chun Kei - Companhia De Empreedimento Limitada

Design Year: 2015

Status: Completed in 2019

Programme: Residential Facade/ Clubhouse & Drop-off Interior

PLY Team: Lucia Cheung, Yin Ho, Samantha Tam, Alex Yu, Joe Chan, Louis Lau

Project Architects: Omar Yeung Architect & Associates Ltd.

Main Contractor: Ho Chun Kei - Companhia De Empreedimento Limitada

Image Credits: PLY Union Ltd.

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