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Carlyle, Twenty Peak Road

At the end of a small winding road descending down the Peak stands four new grand mansions sitting peacefully in an internal garden filled with ancient, leafy trees.  Hidden from sight entirely from the main road, they are set like treasure to be discovered.  The art deco inspired architecture suggested a unique essence of what the period was always associated with – luxury and modernism, and this is exactly what the interior design makes reference to, with deeper considerations than just borrowing a style.  The setting of the mansions does give a clue of how the spaces should look.  It is a piece of well-articulated architecture but also four secluded homes at the same time.  It has the most fabulous view over the harbor and it is located high up at the Peak on a slope.  It has a lot of greens around it. The keywords that came up to our minds at the beginning of the project were CALM AND ARISTOCRATIC.  We didn’t design the interior out of an imposed storyline.  It’s more like reimagining the old spaces, keep the essence of its grandeur and timelessness, and make everything a little fresher.  We design the atmosphere, the best possible atmosphere we could think of to create a feeling of restrained elegance.  Featuring a timeless palette and a personal mix of antiques, classics and contemporary pieces, the two full furnished mansions are a masterclass in understated glamour.

Carlyle is about a new interpretation of lightness when it comes to the play of reflectivity.  The deliberate use of custom-made high gloss white and grey lacquered wall panels with modern geometric pattern or classical molding in the living and dining spaces and the staircase gives a subtle reflection of light. 

Clever edit of pieces from numerous periods are displayed against the subtly toned background.  Sumptuous, expensive materials like oriental hardwoods, ivory, silk, lace, antique bronze, gold leaf and hand-crafted shagreen are used in display objects, room finishes and furniture like armchairs, dressing tables and screens explicitly linking fascination, exoticism and eclecticism.


Location: 20 Peak Road, Hong Kong

Developer: The V Group

Design Year: 2014

Completion Year: 2021

Programme: Show House Interior

PLY Team: Raymond Chan, Thyne Kong, Match Chan, Ernest Ho, Fondie Choi, Wallace Lai, Wan Tin Lun, Lesly Chung, Maria Chan & Tam Chung Sing

Image Credits: Andrew Chester Ong

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