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Chow Sang Sang Miramall Store

The jewellery brand would like to build a new image for their latest flagship store.  The store comprises of 2 retail floors connected by a staircase and an atrium in the interior, and a retail façade spanning 3 floors on the exterior.

A single floor dedicated bridal zone will be introduced whereas an expanded range of jewellery from affordable luxury to top-end diamond will be featured.


The space is developed from an assemblage of curves which intended to evoke the dynamism from the brand’s fish icon without employment of any figurative reference.  The store is deliberately designed as one single space but is never short of subtle variations – it is quiet but not static, elegant but not overwhelming.  Enough clues are left to let the customers slowly discover the changes in the tone, ambiance, scale, profiles and details when meandering across the space.


Rising 2 retail floors with a basement storage, the store is connected by a central staircase.  The interior design approach generates from the remodeled staircase.  Serving both as a prologue to the bridal floor and the identity wall of the brand, the staircase is formed by a collage of planes in embossed floral motif, luxurious fabric and wood and sets the tone of an ethereal landscape. 

The curved walls are clustered in the entire retail area to subtly create pockets of space in a fluidic way to house the diverse jewellery collection.  The juxtaposition of different height, size and finishes gives layers to the space and resolves the difference in zonal requirement and physical conditions in a single design.  It also forms a highly flexible solution to fit other outlets without giving an identical look.


Location: Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Client: Chow Sang Sang Jewellery Co., Ltd.

Design Year: 2014

Status: Completed in 2015

Programme: Retail Interior

PLY Team: Raymond Chan, Ernest Ho, Match Chan

Main Contractor: Greatluck Engineering Co., Ltd.

Photo Credits: Office for Documentation of Built Environments

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