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Belilios Public School Donation Signage

The Belilios Old Girls Foundation suggests incorporating a donation signage into the apron wall of stage at school hall. Instead of adopting a formal memorial wall, the idea is to integrate the individual signs into a composition that spells the abbreviation of the school name in front of the audience in school hall. The composition is facilitated by the different sizes of the planks, which correspond to the donation sum, and the colours of the timber planks. Timber is adopted to blend with existing apron wall and the proscenium. Unlike typical donation sign, the planks are below eye level. To allow a comfortable viewing angle of the content of the carved message, the planks are arranged in a series of tilt-up planks overlapping each other like shingles configuration.


BPS Donation Sigange
BPS Donation Sigange
BPS Donation Sigange


Location: North Point, Hong Kong

Client: Belilios Old Girls Foundation

Design Year: 2015

Status: Completed in 2015

Programme: Installation

PLY Team: Lucia Cheung, Samantha Tam

Contractor: CYC Chun Yiu Engineering Ltd.

Photo Credits: PLY Union Ltd.

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