Baoan Youth Palace, Shenzhen, China

The Youth Palace is one of the three cultural facilities in the central axis of the Baoan Central District.


The design of the three buildings explores the family of forms and the application of parametric approach for the arrangement of shading fins in gradation width to achieve a weaving pattern.


The tiling of the complex form is achieved by planar glass panels with vertex offset from the design surface as enclosure system and the open system of shading screen adopted linear components with curved profile. The project contains unique facade systems which are customized to address the complex geometry.

Coloured glass and fibre cement panels were adopted to provide lively colours for this kid facilities.


Location: Baoan, Shenzhen, China

Client: Rocco Design Architects Ltd.

Execution Year: 2014- 2017

Status: Completed in 2017

Programme: Recreation Facilities for Kids and Theatre for Community

Design Architect: Rocco Design Architects Ltd.

Local Design Institure: South China University of Technology

Facade Engineer: Arup Facade Engineering

Facade Design Consultant: Lucia Cheung

PLY Team: Lucia Cheung

Image Credits: PLY Union Ltd.

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